She is indeed my heart desire,

For her love my heart won’t retire,

love me in return this i require,

i love her i plead before i go haywire.


As i stared these words i could not utter,

i glanced and smiled for i wish to take her to the alter,

there i stood as she left the car and crossed a gutter,

my heart melted as i wondered if she was even mortal.


Hello my friend, you are early today she said,

oh yes boss, very early i left my bed,

as those where the words i could say,

she smiled and replied “that’s good, we are going to increase your pay”


Am in love with my boss how can i explain this?

this is not just the case of a beauty and a beast,

but she is a beauty i think am down on her knees,

God am confused what should i do please.


How i fell in love am still yet to know,

to her the whistle of how i feel am still yet to blow,

despite that, each day my love grows,

to her, my heart as a seed i want to sow.


You think i am now stupid,

i can’t tell her how i feel because I’m timid

she is my boss don’t you think i should have my limits,

she might love me in return who knows or even sack me and show me my exit.


This feelings i can’t seem to bear,

if only my heart beat she can hear,

I don’t think she would love me, this i fear,

i need to speak so my doubts i could clear.


she is so eloquent in beauty,

a purified charming entity,

i just want to love her for eternity,

and cherish her till infinity.


There are no words to attribute her perfection,

She was indeed blessed on the day of her creation,

my mind is made up, i need to tell her my emotions

am still scared what could be her reaction.


Blessed be the day you were created,

godly is that hour your birth was celebrated,

you are beauty that can’t be rejected,

she stood with her arms akimbo as this words i recited


i want to love you and learn your culture,

even if your high taste is not in my nature,

i pledge your heart never to rupture,

i just want you to be my present and my future.


she smiled and answered interesting!

this she said as her voice was so exciting,

go ahead! what do you want? say something,

just so i realized i have been standing there uttering nothing.


i love you, i said as i was about to break into tears,

she sighed heavily and interrupted what are your fears?

confessing my love for you has been my nightmares,

and this more i could only declare.


your eyes are like twinkling little stars,

your smiles could heal a wounded heart and it scars,

i just want to love you forever,

and to hurt you that i would never.


thanks for loving me, but you are like my brother,

to me what she said was a blunder

why don’t you find another,

indeed she is not my sister, we do not have same mother.


i left with my head buried in shame

i am a failure as i could not achieve my aim,

my heart is heavy with pains and hurt

i really love her, i don’t just want to flirt


i will never lose hope on this course,

my heart wants her even if i get a blessing or a curse,

i will keep trying i will never stop despite if i pause,

for my heart i have given to her like a from a Santa Claus.


versatile facts revealed

Honestly, my fascination for writing tends to bring me into the field where by i can’t help it, rather making my space bigger to explore my thinking and technique to reach an audience, with a charisma that i know makes a reader glued to the the writer’s work, just like the way the writer is glued to a chair when the piece of work is been made, which makes it an interactive section.

Meanwhile, writing for me is a voice that i don’t have to sing a high pitched music and blessed a soul, rather i use my fingers to bless souls, as i am positive about reality, captivating the young generations with a positive way of opening their hearts to reality and knowing their true emotional identity, with undiluted facts of life in a versatile display, keeping it real to all forms without making what look ugly in a beautiful way, yes versatilefacts.

writing is a tool that has been developed for a very long time, these days it has taken a long stride as the journey of technology keeps unfolding before our eyes, these days we can bash our fingers on a keyboard as it displays on a screen. writing for me is a life i want to live, taking it to a greater height with the help of my readers, be it old or young, for the young are tomorrows leaders, establishing mentality of non-negativity, peace, love and unity in a universe we found ourselves, a place we never picked or decided to come, a place we came to not knowing where we came from, the earth, a place where many question are been asked and many answers are not the right answers for our questions, most times i keep wondering, who are the ones to answer the questions we can’t find answers to? you tend to ask some questions around about somethings and people think you’ve gone insane. there are lot messages am here to say to the world, an open message we all have in us together we shall speak in one voice of love as we ask and discover for ourselves. remember this is Versatilefacts which includes you the reader and i the Writer.